Wrought Iron Fencing

 Wrought iron fencing is the most secure and strongest type of fencing. Wrought iron fencing is often seen in high security areas, buildings, and properties. Below are several reasons to choose wrought iron for your next fencing project.


Wrought iron fencing is extremely durable in all types of environments and settings. Wrought iron fencing can last a very long time if maintained and installed correctly.



Wrought iron fencing come in many different designs/configurations to choose from. Here at SIA Iron Design, we fabricate all of our wrought iron fencing in shop, so we have to ability to design them to anything the customer likes.



Wrought iron fencing is known for being the securest type of fencing, due to it being made from solid steel and almost impossible to cut or break. Wrought iron fencing combined with cast iron sharp finials make climbing over them dangerous. Most people know better than to climb such fencing due to them getting hurt or cut by the finials if they tried.

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