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Driveway Gates

While providing extra security, driveway gates also are seen as first impressions for your home or business, you want to project the right image. Driveway gates are unique and come in all different shapes and sizes.


Handrails are mostly installed for fall protection or safety, but have the ability to be decorative as well. SIA Iron Design provides service for two types of handrails, steel and wrought iron. Both of these are very strong and secure to be able to use for fall protection. 

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is the best of both worlds when comparing with wrought iron and aluminum fencing. Steel fencing shares both the advantages of wrought iron and aluminum, but without the disadvantages. Steel fencing is not as expensive as wrought iron, but is also not as weak as aluminum. 


SIA Iron Design is Metal Fabrication and Fence company located in Alpharetta, GA. We provide fast and high-quality service at a fair price and have over 40 years of experience in the field of metal fabrication. We are fully Licensed, Certified, And Insured. Our office and shop are located in Alpharetta, GA, but we accept jobs from all over Georgia as well. Our goal is to keep all of our customers happy and satisfied with our work, so if you have any projects feel free to contact us at anytime.

Powder Coating: Advantages

Powder Coating, the fastest growing finishing technology in North America, is the method of applying a decorative, protective finish to almost any type of metal; it's commonly used both by commercial and residential customers. The powder used in the coating process is...

Automatic Gates

Which type of automatic gate is right for you and your property?

Iron Entry Doors: The Benefits

Iron doors for your home are certainly an investment, but how do you know if they're right for you? When purchasing a home, it's typical to keep the door that originally came with the house. More often than not, it's a standard wooden door, which you can certainly...


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