When it comes to automatic gates, you’ve got a few different options: should it slide open or swing open? Do you want an intercom system with a code or will you opt for a remote to control it?

In this blog, we’ll discuss different ways your automatic gate can open as well as the various ways in which you can control said gate.

Swing or Slide?

The choice between swinging and sliding depends on a few different factors:

  • Horizontal support of the gate
  • Is the gate level?
  • Space for the gate itself
  • Overall length of gate
  • Material of gate
  • Frequency of gate use

Electric Gate Openers

With a signal coming from a remote opener or a keypad, electric gate openers use a mechanical arm to open and close the gate. If it hits an obstacle, the arm will direct the gate to reverse in direction and, if prompted to do so, can stay open for your convenience.

The gate opener is quite similar to a garage door opener in terms of how they function. A radio signal from the remote or stationary keypad connects to a receiver box attached to the gate, which then prompts its opening. The receiver carries the message to the control box that activates a circuit which initiates movement in the gate opener arm. The arm will physically swing or slide the gate open. The gate can be set to then close by pressing the transmitter button again or to close automatically after an allotted amount of time.

Sliding Automatic Gate

The sliding gate is positioned on a track, which controls its opening and closing. This track allows for more spacing in a residential driveway, specifically when it comes to parking space. Sliding gates can also be installed on steeper driveways, whereas swinging gates can’t be installed at certain slopes.

Swinging Automatic Gate

With a swinging gate, you’ll need more space than you will with a sliding gate, as the swinging gate must be able to fully clear much more surface area. Swing gates are more common at residential properties as opposed to commercial because a lot more wear and tear happens with the frequency of opening.

Which Gate is Right for You?

As you can see, the type of automatic gate best for you really depends on the frequency of use and the layout of your property, whether it be commercial or residential.

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