There are many fencing materials today. Wood, metal and vinyl are a few of the most popular. One of the most popular for decades has been chain link. Chain link is very commonly used and is the most practical in most situations. If you’re torn between which fencing material you should choose, here are some advantages to chain link fencing.


One of the biggest advantages is the durability. Pests or rot can not destroy chain link and for the most part it will stand up to all environments. Yes, it can rust but it will not completely destroy the fencing because it is made of galvanized steel. There is also minimal maintenance. Occasionally, you will need to sweep debris away from the fence but other than that there is no additional maintenance needed regularly.


Affordability and durability are neck and neck in the race for the top advantage. Out of all fencing materials, chain link tends to always be the cheapest. For the amount you pay for a chin link fence and the time it will last makes chain link one of the best choice you can make. As long as you are not looking for complete privacy, then chain link would be your best bang for your buck!


If a chain link fence is installed properly, it is though to be very tough and hard to breach. It is said that chain link can withstand hurricanes and tornados. If it can withstand winds like that, it is likely to provide some reliable security. Additionally, chain link fencing is notoriously used by correctional facilities and maximum security areas.


Surprisingly, there are several types of chain link fencing you can get. There are different thicknesses, heights, and color coated fencing. There are also different toppers as well. You can have razor wire, pointed tops and rounded tops. There are even plastic slats that can be woven into the fence to make it somewhat private.

Chain link fencings has been and will continue to be a very popular fencing type because of the few reason listed above and many more that are not listed. If you are in the market for a chain link fence, contact SIA Iron Designs today to discuss your options.