The type of fence you choose for your home or business is a big investment, and can really alter the look, feel, and cost of your property. Here are a few reasons why choosing metal fencing over wood has huge advantages in the long and short term.


Easier installation

Most metal fencing comes in easy-to-install panels, saving you time and energy if you’re doing it yourself and labor costs if you’re paying someone else to do it.



Whatever type of wood fencing you install is going to require constant maintenance, at least once a year if you’re lucky. Wood requires reapplication of stain or paint to protect against the elements and pests, which is not an issue with metal fencing, and even well-maintained wood fencing will eventually need to be replaced. Metal fencing on the other hand, comes pre-coated to protect against rust and corrosion and will stand up to harsher treatment by severe weather events like thunderstorms, hail, and sleet.



Wood looks nice but, as anyone who’s had it can tell you, it really can’t take a punch. Something as simple as high winds or termites could have you replacing entire sections of fencing in a rush. This simply isn’t the case for metal fencing, especially iron and steel. You can rest assured that when you install metal fencing it’s going to stand up to the elements, pests, and intruders.


Added Security

An intruder seeking to get through wood fencing wouldn’t encounter much resistance (a swift kick alone would do the trick.) Metal fencing, especially iron, is difficult-to-impossible to break through, unless your intruder comes equipped with noisy industrial equipment that would attract plenty of attention before they could do any real damage. Metal is definitely the way to go for more peace of mind.


Nicer Appearance

Opinions may differ, but for our money you can’t beat the clean lines and elegance of properly installed metal fencing. Wood is charming, but by its nature comes with built-in inconsistencies in color and appearance that become more evident over time. Metal just looks cleaner and nicer and is much easier to maintain so it keeps its appearance over time.



Wrap up all of the above and it comes out to a huge cost advantage over time, even if the initial installation of a metal fence costs a little more than a wood fence. Anything you save on that installation will come out quickly with repairs, maintenance, and replacements that you simply don’t have to worry about with any type of metal fencing. As the owner of a business or home, you need to be thinking of costs in the long-term, and the comparison here isn’t even close.


So when you’re ready to install fencing that will stand up to the elements, protect against intruders, look great, and last a lifetime be sure to contact us.