Did you know that SIA Iron Designs offer access control systems and gate operator installations?

Our services included Gate Operators, where we provide installation of brand-new gate operator systems for swing and sliding gates that include the brands LiftMaster, DKS, BFT, Mighty Mule, and Viking operators.

Another service is Gate Operator Accessories where we provide the accessories along with the installation. The accessories include Keypads, Intercoms, Telecoms, Sensors, Internet Gateways, and Card Scanners.

The last service that comes along with the installation is Security Cameras. These allow you to monitor/view activity around your driveway gate

There are many benefits to all of these services that we offer for Gate Access Control Automation.

gate automation


The protection of your home is one of the most important aspects to many homeowners. Say you live in an area that may or may not be too friendly, but none the less, you still want to ensure that you and your family have some sort of protection. A driveway gate is a great option to keeping people from getting to your house.


On top of keeping people out for protection, you also have full ability to determine who comes in and out of your driveway in order for you to have your privacy; with an automatic gate, you are able to decide who comes in and leaves by the click of button.


Imagine the ease of pulling into your driveway and pushing a button to open and close your gates as you pull through; on a rainy day when you really don’t want to roll down your car window to have to press a code or swipe a card to open then gates, you can simply use a remote control in the comfort of your car.


Whether you want a wooden gate to display a rustic theme to your humble abode or an iron gate to display a more classic look, your entry way speaks a thousand words. Let the first impression of your home begin at the entry way of your driveway.


As mentioned above in the ‘Security’ section, protection of your home is key, and what better way to show your insurance company that you have protection than a security gate? Then, when it comes time to sell the home (should you ever decide to sell), the price of the home will increase because of the driveway gate.

gate automation

We are here to help you determine if a gate automation installation is right for you. We’ve given you all of the facts on how they will benefit you and are willing to answer any questions you may have. Contact us on our website to find out more.