Driveway gates are installed for multiple different reasons. Listed below are some of the benefits of getting a driveway gate installed for your property.  



Getting a gate installed can make your house stand out from the rest. Driveway gates are very eye-catching and make a statement. Not only will your house look more superior compared to your neighbors, but your house will also gain a strong sense of luxury after getting a gate installed as well. 


Driveway gates restrict access to unwanted guests or vehicles on your driveway. When it comes to property security, gates are usually the first to get installed. Driveway gates are one of the best deterrents for burglars. An automated gate only can be accessed from the remotes or keypads. Another extra security measure would be to install security cameras viewing the gated area. A gate helps keep your driveway clear from unwanted vehicles or trespassers. 


A driveway gate provides peace of mind and comfort due to the security capabilities it offers. Driveway gates can be designed and personalized to your liking. Here at SIA Iron Design’s we have the ability to fabricate a fully custom gate that every aspect of, can be designed or personalized by the customer.  


Along with curb appeal, security, and comfort; driveway gate can also raise your properties value. Simply adding a driveway gate can increase your property’s value by up to $50,000. Gates add a significant sense of luxury to your home (which can be a big selling factor). Combined with all the other benefit’s such as Security, Safety, Style/Comfort, and Curb Appeal driveway gates can be a smart choice, and beneficial for both home owners and sellers. 

If you’re looking to get a gate installed for your home or property, feel free to contact SIA Iron Design for a free estimate.  

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