Given the varying options available when it comes to fencing material, it’s important to note the characteristics of each. Today we’ll focus on steel railings.

Metal is the most frequently used material when building railings. Steel, specifically, offers a very durable and versatile final product; it’s sturdy and easy to maintain. In addition to their structural durability, steel railings distinguish themselves with their sleek aesthetic.


You’ll see steel railings in both commercial and residential buildings as they add a level of sophistication to any environment and, as mentioned, they’re versatile in their presentation, giving the customer a lot of control when it comes to design and overall aesthetic.


While wood railings are the least expensive per unit, the maintenance required over time will elevate the overall cost of the railings themselves. Metal railings, while more expensive to customize, will require very little maintenance over time, so the price point isn’t too far beyond what you’d pay for wood railings and their maintenance. The most important aspect of insuring you’re getting the best railing is to find a steel fabricator that can complete your customization and installation in a seamless and cost efficient way.


Steel railings are able to endure extreme weather over time, giving them unmatched durability. The weight of the railings themselves will hold steady in the ground, while other materials are more susceptible to erosion and other natural elements. No matter the design, your steel railing, whether it be in a residential or commercial environment, indoor or outdoor, will serve you well with its strength and aesthetic.

While PVC, wood, and glass railings have their own benefits when it comes to aesthetic and durability, steel railings will offer you the most consistent look while also remaining reliable over time. Communicating your exact needs to the steel fabricator is essential so they’re able to complete the job efficiently and thoroughly.

We consider steel to be the most trusted material when it comes to railings (and construction in general). We’re here to provide the safest and most structurally sound railings for any of your needs, whether they be commercial, residential, or both! Please reach out to us with any questions or to book your project with us today.

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