The first thing to consider when buying a fence for your property? The type of fencing material you’d like to use. The quality of the fence material correlates directly to the durability of your fence, and thus, the lifespan of the fence itself. Two of the most common materials in the market today, used by homeowners and business owners alike, are Chain Link Fencing and Aluminum Fencing.

To give you a better idea of which fence is right for you, let’s talk about the differences between Chain Link Fencing and Aluminum Fencing.

1. Appearance 

Frankly put, aluminum fencing is more pleasing to the eye than chain link fencing: it’s sturdy, modern and clean. Additionally, aluminum fencing will maintain its appearance over time as opposed to chain link fencing, which will begin to rust. Aluminum fencing doesn’t requite as much upkeep to maintain its sleek look.

2. Durability

While chain link fencing sustains relatively well under inclement whether, there comes a point when the fence itself starts to give way to the elements. Aluminum fencing is much more sturdy when it comes to withstanding storms, rain, wind, etc. As previously stated, the chain link material will eventually rest, specifically when exposed to the elements; however, the powder-coated finish of the aluminum fencing prevents said rusting.

3. Safety

The strength of an aluminum fence adds a stronger element of security than chain link fencing. The smoothness of the aluminum fence makes it more difficult to scale, thus keeping out potential intruders; chain link fences tend to be shorter than the aluminum fences, allowing for an easier climb. Additionally, holes will appear in your chain link fence, which present easy entry for intruders.

4. Pricing

As you may have guessed, chain link fencing is more affordable than aluminum fencing. If you’re looking for the immediately cheaper route, chain link is certainly the way to go. However, an aluminum fence will add value to your property, proving to be an investment over time.

5. Personalization

When it comes to choosing between aluminum and chain link fencing, the decision varies on a customer to customer basis. Taking everything above into consideration should help lead you to the decision that will most benefit your home or business.

Aluminum fencing stands far superior in many ways; however, chain link fencing also serves customers well. Over the last decade or so, aluminum fencing has proven to outperform the chain link fence when taking into consideration the strength, durability, safety, and appearance; all of those benefits, however, do come at a higher price.

If you’d like to discuss these two options further, SIA Iron Design is happy to chat! Give us a call to see how we can help you add to your home or business. We look forward to working with you!