You’ve just got your beautifully detailed, SIA Iron Design installed, iron fence put up around your yard and it has made your curb appeal increase significantly. The fence is nice, clean, shiny and rust-free! You’re thinking that’s all there is to it; having us install the fence and bam, you’re all set.

You didn’t know that it takes a little bit more work to maintain that iron fence to keep it looking nice, clean, shiny and rust-free. Don’t worry though, proper iron fence maintenance only requires, at least, twice a year cleanup!

We want you to be fully satisfied with your elegant new fence, so we‘re giving you some tips on cleaning and maintaining iron fencing.

Prevent and Protect

The main ingredient to keeping your iron fence last for years to come, is to protect the metal. Rain and humidity are what makes your fence build up the rust and one way it gets there is bushes and vines scratching the metal. It’s important to remember when you’re cutting the grass to remove the thorns sticking out from the bushes that are scratching the fence.

When the metal is scratched, it opens up for rust to develop, so having a protectant on the fence, such as a coat of car wax or water repellent spray, will help prevent rust.


Cleaning your wrought iron fence is also impactful when using soapy water to wash it down. While you’re washing it with the soapy water and getting in between the cracks, make sure to analyze the fence, thoroughly, to inspect for cracks, scratches or rust.

Get Rid of Rust

If you do find rust, make sure to try and wipe it off immediately before it builds up anymore. You will want to make sure the surrounding area of the fence is free of any vegetation, that the rust could fall off onto. Using a fine wire brush or sandpaper, scrub off the rust. Once all of the rust is gone, use the soapy water to rinse away the debris.


After you’ve scrubbed the rust away, then you need to make sure you’re treating that spot, so it doesn’t come up again. You’ll want to coat that spot with a rust converter or wax.


As mentioned, it’s imperative that you clean your iron fence at least twice a year. Check for any loose hardware and footings and be sure to carefully inspect each crack and crevasse for those rusty spots. Remember the place you had to scrape off rust the first time and check on it when inspecting the fence.

Whether you haven’t gotten your iron fence installed quite yet or you’re proudly displaying your new one, SIA Iron Design is here to help you in any way we can. Check out our website to fill out a contact form to get in touch with us today!