At SIA Iron Design, we offer Driveway Gate Installation. In addition to the beautifully detailed gate, we install Gate Access Control Automation.

It’s important to understand the maintenance requirements for driveway gates. Driveway gate maintenance is not something that is commonly discussed, therefore, not many people know of its value. When installed, a driveway gate can pose little maintenance if done correctly.

When it comes to maintaining your driveway gate, there are many common factors that come into play: what kind of grease and lubricant to use, cleaning, and systems for your control panel. Before you start, it’s important to do a quick run through of the gate.

Analyze the entire gate to see what kind of problems there are; evaluate the moving parts, ensuring that there is no rust or debris in any of the hinges. If there is, then prepare to take these notes on cleaning it.

Cleaning Your Driveway Gate

Just like when you’re spring cleaning and scrubbing your house top to bottom, you really want to make sure you clean your driveway gate thoroughly. Spraying the entire gate down with a water hose every other month with prevent rust and debris from building up on your gate.

Waxing your gate is another step that will save your gate in the long run because it prevents any of the polish from wearing off. These two things will help you avoid any maintenance problems in the future.


Understanding what products you can use versus the products you can’t use on your driveway gate is very important. When hinges, gears, tracks or any other pulley system items become squeaky, W-D 40 is not a proper product to use to because these aren’t just hinges on a door; these are much bigger pieces that need stronger supplies to help keep them running.

Other products that work more effectively than W-D 40 are White Lithium Grease, Oil, Silicone Based Lubricants, and Grease. The most prominent of the 4 is White Lithium Grease which,” … cuts friction to extend life. Sprays on easily – sets up as a lubricating grease that will not melt, run, wash off or freeze. Inhibits corrosion”(White Lithium Grease).


Of course, being able to get in and out with your remote control is important, so making sure that all systems are working correctly and constantly is another key aspect in driveway gate maintenance.

Depending on the automated gate system, will depend on if the moving parts are sealed off or not. If they are sealed off, simply unscrew the screws on the panel and go to work. It’s important to note that you should first make sure that all electricity is turned off before touching the control panel.

Collect any debris with a paint brush, towel or any other object that will allow you to gather all the insects and spider webs to get out of there. Even though it may seem like spider webs and insects are small and can’t cause that much damage to a circuit board, the moisture that webs leave behind can harm to the equipment.

Though gate automation control access boxes installed are protected, it’s distinctive that with it being outside, anything can happen, and those pests are more than likely going to sneak in there some how or another.

If the control boxes are not sealed off and are left wide open to collect dirt, rust and grime, then you will want to pursue the mentioned lubricant above.

Naturally, driveway gate controls can be a bit expensive when it comes to repair, so take the precautionary measures to make sure you don’t have to fork up a lot of money in the long run. Clean your gate monthly and check on it regularly to make sure it’s taken care of.

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