Chain Link fencing is the classic fencing that most everyone will first think of when they hear the word fencing. However, there is a huge love for iron fencing. Iron fencing has an aesthetic appeal, sound structure, durable look, and it is a true beauty. While iron fencing is durable, it will take some maintaining to keep it that way. To sustain that beauty and durability for your iron fence, you will need to perform maintenance at least twice a year especially in high moisture areas. Here are some steps to performing routine maintenance.

Prepare  The Area

You will want to remove all vines, weeds, and grass from the area of the fencing you are working on. Be sure to also cover the ground or masonry with tarps.

Remove Rust

Remove any and all rust that is visible using a fine wire brush. Be sure to only use a fine wire brush as a heavy corded wire brush can harm the integrity of the iron. After you have scrubbed the iron fencing to remove rust, rinse it with a nonionic detergent and water. Allow enough time to thoroughly dry.

Apply Rust Converter

Apply rust converter to the areas that previously had rust. There are a few different types that work best that usually contain phosphoric acid or tannic acid. Follow the steps for applying as the manufacturer suggests.

Apply Primer

Primer must be oil-based and made for metal. You will want to apply a very thin layer and allow it to fully dry. Spry paint primer will be the easiest to use and will allow you to get into small areas.

Finishing Paint

Apply an oil-based paint that is made to be used outside and on metal surfaces. Stock up on a paint color so you can continuously update your fence but keep the same look.

Maintaining The  Paint Job

Clean your fence with soap and water every six months. Once the fence is clean of debris apply a thin layer of metal-grade wax. You will want to apply wax to areas of your fence that are exposed to a lot of vegetation and water.

Maintaining Gates

Replace and oil any gate hardware. You can get replacement parts at most hardware stores. But sure to clean and paint just as you would the rest of your fencing. You will want to grease your hinges often. One sign that you need to grease is when you hear squeaking. Iron fencing is known for lasting what seems to be a lifetime. However, if you don’t follow some of the maintenance steps above, it will likely not last as long. SIA Iron Designs specializes in iron fencing. If you are looking for new iron fencing, replacement fencing or other types of ironwork, contact us today