Iron railings have said to be one of the most eye-appealing features in or around a home. The intricate detail of the design catches a person’s attention when they first step foot on the property. That being said, it’s imperative for a homeowner, or business owner of a commercial property, to make sure that the iron railing maintenance is kept up to par.

With the beauty of the iron railings, come some work. Without proper care and upkeep, iron railings can lose their appeal over time. Proper maintenance will prevent any type of damage and help the iron railings keep their beautiful look.


Dust build up and dirt build up are the two main things that effect iron railing. The first step in iron railing care is dusting; dust the railing with microfiber cloth. To really clean the dirt off, mix household cleaner (some dish soap will suffice) with some water and scrub it with a toothbrush or a regular cloth. Be sure to dry the railing after you have cleaned it with the water to prevent rust.

Rust Removal

Depending on if your railings finish is coated with zinc (galvanized), you may or may not have to worry about rust. If the railings are painted or primed, then you have higher chances of rust piling up and although rust coating is applied to all iron railings, it can wear and tear over time.

If you do start to notice rust on your iron railings, simply take a piece of sand paper and scrub it away. After this, you will want to clean the railing to ensure that all of the rust is gone. This can be used with a damp cloth.

Rust Prevention

Once you’ve cleaned the residue off, you will want to apply liquid wax; furniture or car wax will work. When the wax has dried after a few hours, buff it off with a cloth.


As mentioned, if your iron railings are painted and not galvanized, you have to paint them occasionally to keep their nice look. If your iron railings are not painted and you wish to paint them, there are a few protections you should know before you get started.

You need to ensure that there is no rust on the railings and that the rails are wiped clean. After this, you will need to sand down the railings to get rid of the topcoat. Once that is done, repeat the first step by wiping down the residue of the dust and drying it off.

Before you start painting, make sure that the surrounding area is covered to avoid dropping paint on the floor, concrete, decks, etc. You also want to spray the iron railings down with a rust resistant primer and let it dry before you start painting.


When determining if you want a galvanized railing or a painted railing, remember the different maintenance that both require and which one you would prefer over the other. Each will look immaculate with the proper care and treatment.

For more information about proper iron railing upkeep, contact SIA Iron Design.