But you may be curious as to wonder how SIA Iron Design is keeping up during this pandemic and if you can even trust that we’re staying healthy in order to come and install your brand new iron handrails right now; the answer to that is yes.

Ever since Governor Kemp issued the shelter in place back in April, we immediately took action to prepare for how we will demonstrate exceptional social distancing and take sanitary precautions in every step we take, while maintaining the same quality of service that we have always strived to uphold.

Our number one concern is always the safety of our customers as well as our employees, so we’re preparing for everyone during this time.

Below is a list of our precautionary measures that we are currently taking to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus:

  1. We maintain at least a 6 ft. distance from customers during installations and on-site consultations.
  2. Employees are monitored for symptoms and will be asked to stay home and get tested if they show any symptoms.
  3. We wear masks at our on-site consultations and installations if it is required for us to be in close contact or if it is indoors.
  4. Before scheduling installations or on-site consultations, we ask the customer if they have been exposed to COVID-19.
  5. We process contracts, payments, and invoices online, to avoid unnecessary contact.
  6. We follow all CDC Guidelines.


At SIA Iron Design, we want to help stop the spread by doing our part. We will continue to serve our devoted customers as well as future customers to ensure quality work is still delivered. No matter what this pandemic brings us, everyone still deserves perfectly structured driveway gates, iron fences and handrails.

Whatever questions you have, we’re here to help. Give us a call today by visiting our contact page.