In past blogs that we written, and listed all throughout our website, we elaborate on how our service fits the needs of every individual client. No matter what style they choose, color, design, pattern, you name it and we make sure that the client gets what the client wants.

This is no different when it comes to the actual finish on the outside of our wrought iron fences, doors, gates, etc. There are two options that our clients have to choose from for the color and texture of the fence: Powder Coating and Paint.

What are their differences? Paint…well paint is very self-explanatory; you just layer two coats of primer and two coats of your paint onto the iron. As for powder coating, that’s a whole different ball game; a dry plastic powder is sprayed onto the iron and as it is sprayed, it creates a charge of static electricity that magnetizes it to the iron. After that, it is baked in an oven where the powder is sealed onto the iron.

To give you a full run down of the difference of each, we’ve listed a few reasons why we believe powder coating is better for you to have.

1. Overall Appeal

Once the powder is set and finished, the look is impeccable. It is all equally distributed on the iron and there are no runny streaks of dried paint going down the rails, or accidental mark in the paint, or even unevenness of one side having more paint than the other; the powder coating covers the entire surface from top to bottom, left to right, up and down, up and under and just covers it all!

2. Life Span

Did we mention that the powder coating is thicker than paint? Well it definitely is and therefore it is bonded much better than paint. With a thicker coat, comes a lengthier life span of the finish, and also has the added benefit of being a lot more weather resistant. Paint only has 4 layers and comes with a lot of chipping because it’s so much thinner. Powder coating has been baked to the iron, therefore making it much more durable and not easily cracked or demolished.

3. Less Upkeep

As we’ve mentioned before in our previous blog post about Maintaining your Wrought Iron Fencing, there are many steps to take to make sure your fence is up to par and one of those things are constantly painting over the chipped paint areas, and spraying solution on the chipped areas to prevent rust. A powder coated iron fence doesn’t require you to keep painting over the small chips throughout the ENTIRE fence. There is very, very minimal attention that is needed for a powder coated iron fence, gate, door, etc.

4. Very Adaptable

Just as paint offers a wide variety of colors, so does powder coats! There are numerous of options to choose from when deciding what color will best match the exterior or interior of your house.

Like we’ve said time and time again, we give our clients the exact style, color, design and anything else they want for their products! We want to help you in your next venture to put wrought iron fencing around your house the way YOU want it.

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