Fencing is fairly typical for most homes. It is used for several different reasons. There are also several types of fencings. Here at SIA Iron Designs, we install metal fencing, so we put tougher a short list of pros and cons on different metal fencings.


Wrought Iron Fencing


Pros: When you think wrought iron fencing you automatically think beauty and durability. Iron fencings is by far the most decorative choice out of the three metals. Iron fencing seems to be timeless as well, reason being it simply lasts for many years and will last the longest out of the three metals.


Cons: This will by far be the most expensive fencing to have installed. It is very heavy and extremely difficult to work with. You will have to pay close attention to iron fencing because it does have a tendency to rust easily depending on the climate you are in. If the rust is not maintained then it will not keep that beauty that it’s known for.



Steel Fencing


Pros: Steel fencing is known to be very strong, meaning that it will last a very long time and is sure to stand up to most all environments if maintained. Typically, steel fencing is covered in powder coating to help prevent rusting.


Cons: Steel can be quite pricy and is really more decorative rather than privacy. So if you are looking for something that will give you privacy then this is not the fencing for you. Additionally, most fencing companies see steel as more for industrial use and not residential.



Aluminum Fencing


Pros: One of the biggest pros would be the cost. Aluminum is by far the cheapest out of the three. Another big pro is the easy maintenance and the ease of install, it can easily be installed without using a professional. You will often see aluminum fencing installed on slopes because it is so easy to install.


Cons: Much like the other two mentioned above, if you are looking for privacy, then this would not be the fencing for you. Additionally, this will be the weakest of the three metal fencing. It can easily be dented and damaged and certain climates can really take its toll on aluminum fencing.


All three of these metal fences are a great choice, your decision will really come down to how much you are willing to spend and how much maintenance you are willing to put in. If you are unsure of which fence will be best for you, then give SIA Iron Designs a call today and we will help you make a choice that is best for you.