Fencing is installed around most homes. It is installed for several reasons, security and privacy being top of that list. Fencing is not only a security measure it is also used as a decorative piece as well. Iron fencings can add a certain beauty to your home. There are a number of different fence types and a number of different reasons to have fencing. Here are SIA’s top reasons to install fencing.



When considering the installation of fencings, security is at the top of every list. Why? Because fencing was designed and first used for security. It was built with intentions to keep things out and or in. It is said that fencing was created nearly 2000 years ago with the purpose of keeping animals in a general area and keep them from wandering.


Home Marketability

No, it is not proven that adding a fence to your home will add value. However, there is just something special about having a back year with a fence. Any young family will love to have a fenced in the back yard where they can imagine their kids playing and not worrying about them. So, no it doesn’t mean adding one will increase your home’s value, but it will help you market your home to certain families.


Animal Control

If you have animals, either inside animals such as dogs or outside animals such as pigs or goats, a fence will be a must. As mentioned above, fencing was first created for this exact reason. Keeping animals contained will keep them from wandering and potentially hurting themselves.



The last reason for fencing that makes our list is the decorative value it adds to a home. SIA is known for its beautiful iron fencing. Adding an iron fence to your home helps create a classic, timeless look that is sure to turn heads.



There are many reasons to have a fence installed, this is only a short list of reason SIA believes you should install one. If you are interested in having iron or chain link fencing installed, contact SIA Iron Designs today!