There is railing around decks and patios, up and down ramps and stairs and along any risen pathways. It all does the same thing but there are several reasons that it is needed, safety being top of that list. Here are a few other reasons SIA Iron Designs suggests you always need railing.


Prevention of Falls

Railing is often thought to be a barrier between the surface of the patio and higher vertical drops. They are a very good defense against children, pets and unsteady adults. You will also often see railing along stairways. This is also used to help prevent falling when going up or downstairs and ramps.


To Help People Balance on Steps and Platforms

Railing is intended to help provide stability while moving up or downstairs and while walking on risen platforms. This is very important for the elder and younger demographics. Even if railing is not gripped to help move along a pathway or upstairs, it is often used as a guide and a safety net in case an individual slips or becomes unstable.


Increase Safety During Bad Weather 

During bad weather such as rain, snow, ice, and wind. Climbing and walking on slick surfaces can be dangerous. Having railing in place can help you stabilize yourself as you move along platforms and stairs. One bonus to having railing around your patio/deck during a windstorm is that if items blow around, they should stay on the deck unless winds are extreme.


Helpful While Carrying Awkward Loads 

If you are carrying a heavy or awkward item/items, railing along steps and pathways can be very helpful in guiding you upstairs and along pathways if you can get a free hand on it. If cannot and you begin to fall, railing is a good steady resource to grab onto to regain your balance.


Railing is a safety device to help you while on stairs, ramps, and risen platforms. If they are not in place, you will not have any support in the act of a fall. As a bonus, it will help keep items on your deck from flying away in the event of high winds. Railing is and always will be needed for safety, railing even may go as few as being needed to keep people on paths and out of dangerous areas. For all your railing needs, call SIA Iron Designs today!