With this pandemic taking over how we’re living our everyday lives, we now have a new “norm” to live by. Wash your hands regularly, throw some hand sanitizer on regularly, don’t dare touch your face after you’ve touched other objects and be cautious of the objects you are touching because odds are, germs are still living on those objects without you even knowing it.

Being a metal fabrication company in Atlanta, we understand that when you go out in public, it’s safe to assume that germs are on everything; especially handrails, doors and just about anything metal or wood that you come in contact with.

You may have heard of the time span that germs can last on certain surfaces and we want to talk to you about metal & wood.

Metal Surfaces

Examples: doorknobs, gates, metal doors, etc.

Germs can live on metal surfaces for 5 days and is much easier to clean and disinfect than wood surfaces.

Step 1: Determine what type of metal you will be cleaning. There are different types of methods that work with the different types of metal surfaces.

Step 2: Using a soft cloth for gold or gold-plated surfaces, wash the surface down with warm water. *Nothing else should be done on gold surfaces*

Step 3: As we’ve mentioned in a recent blog about proper handrail upkeep, you want to add soap into the warm water to wash any of your metal staircase railings, fixtures, etc.

Step 4: Rub in the cleaner or material with a nonabrasive cloth.

Step 5: Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes and rinse it with warm water using the same nonabrasive cloth, then wipe the entire surface dry.

Metal surfaces in public are bound to have more germs lingering on them, so make sure to bring some travel-sized Lysol wipes to wipe down, or even touch, metal surfaces.

Wood Surfaces

Examples: decking, gates, wood doors, etc.

Germs can live on wood surfaces for 4 days and there are a few things that you can do to clean and disinfect wood surfaces.

For furniture, we suggest using a wood cleaner, such as Pine-Sol, that will clean and disinfect the wood surface.

Step 1: Mix ¼ cup of Pine-Sol, or your preferred wood cleaner, for each gallon of water.

Step 2: Dampen a soft sponge, cloth or mop with the mixture to wipe down the surface.

Step 3: Scrub spots with a gentle scrub brush. Let dry.

Though these steps are easier to do at home on your own wood surfaces, you can practice these safety measures in public as well; having travel sized cleaning/disinfectant wipes on hand to use in public places will suffice.

We care about your health and well-being, and we don’t want to see anyone else catching the Coronavirus so easily. With our knowledge of metal and wood surfaces, we want to ensure that you are treating the surfaces correctly to help keep germs off as well as maintaining the proper appearance.

If you have any questions, give us a call or visit the contact page on our website.